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  • Reports also said that in FY 21, his annual salary was Rs 64.3 crore .
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  • In addition to being able to work multiple shifts per day, the Chief Information Officer additionally needs to be able to travel to meet potential clients.
  • The figure matches the pre-pandemic levels of 2019.
  • They found that total salary spends have increased by 43% during this period.

It has been reported that employees are demanding a whopping 70% increase in their salary because of the skills they have acquired over a while, especially since the last year. This average number grows to £77,419 after individuals hit the five-year mark. After ten years, a CIOs salary rises greatly, to an average of £101,091, however, the number only rises about £2000 after twenty years’ experience. Once officers reach their mid-career, their salaries begin to rise quickly, with the average for five to nine years being ₹2.500,000 annually. At ten to nineteen years, Indian CIOs make ₹4,196,226, and after twenty years, the average is close to ₹5,000,000 per year.

Time Pressure

In 2019, as per the study by the company, close to 97,000 positions related to analytics and data were vacant due to a dearth of qualified talent. One is to register their entities in crypto-friendly nations and pay their employees in cryptocurrency to avoid any legal or tax hurdles. The second is to record the payment as a rupee transaction in their books, but to facilitate the conversion of the rupee into cryptocurrency. NamePurpose Daily NewsletterReceive daily list of important newsPromo MailersReceive information about events, industry, etc. Canadian CIOs tend to receive high benefits at all levels of their career. Surveys have found that CIOs in Manitoba make almost 25% more than the national average, and cities like Montreal and Toronto also tend to pay higher salaries.

Although these positions sound very similar, they do not share many critical responsibilities or skill-sets. Where a CIO is the top technology manager in a business, in charge of large-scale operations and goals, a CTO works to ensure that the company’s technology strategy works well with their objectives. For the most part, CIOs report directly to an enterprise’s chief executive officer , with some even having a seat on the organization’s executive board. This position is highly regarded operating leverage is sometimes referred to as and valued, working with IT staff to oversee and accomplish goals. Today, they are expected to be business strategists, contract negotiators, information architects, systems leaders, innovative, engage in public relations, and plan the institution’s future goals with financials in mind. “With the advent of technology and demand for skills, a CDO can easily draw a starting salary of 7 figures reaching an 8-figure mark depending upon skills set, experience and the demand,” he said.

  • Companies, on their part, are walking the talk.
  • Narayana Murthy said the quantum of Pravin Rao’s salary increase was unfair, compared to the wage hikes given to the rest of the employees.
  • His compensation had Rs 5.69 crore base salary, Rs 0.38 crore retiral benefits, Rs 12.62 crore bonus and incentives and Rs 52.33 crore in perquisites on account of stock options exercised, the report showed.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Chief Information Officer Salaries

Check out the Site Reliability Engineer jobs roles and responsibilities, salaries and h… Most In-demand and Highest Paying Jobs in Canada. See what are the highest paying jobs, educat… Check out the most demanding engineering jobs in India. Individuals with physical disabilities should consider a career in technology as Chief Information Officer.

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  • In their early careers, Canadian chief information officers with up to four years’ experience can expect to make an average of C$142,000.
  • An Entry Level Chief Information Officer with less than three years of experience earns an average salary of ₹7.3 Lakhs per year.
  • In 2019, as per the study by the company, close to 97,000 positions related to analytics and data were vacant due to a dearth of qualified talent.

The data was analyzed across 475 companies from more than 20 industries, by Aon’s 11th annual Executive Rewards Survey in India, whilst it was further illustrated that the median CEO compensation has reached Rs 7.05 crore. RPG Group, for instance, has hired/transferred five resources in the digital space over the past three months. This number, says the company, will increase to in the next one year. Titan has built up its digital function by bringing in a mix of external and internal people as appropriate. As part of its digital function of CRM, it has had Sanjay Narula joining in from Metro Cash and Carry.

Chief digital officer becomes a much-in-demand role, 20 CXOs hired across India Inc in last 12 months

Check out the average Data Scientist Salary in India? Option 1- One of the most common paths that students choose is to pursue a postgraduate program. This will allow them to prepare themselves for a chief information career. Use our new smart new Job Match tool to find your next opportunity. Highest salary that a Chief Information Officer can earn is ₹102.0 Lakhs per year (₹8.5L per month). “A CEO needs to acknowledge the silent majority who create the company’s fortunes” S…

salary of cio in india

“No industry sector can remain immune from digital transformation. It is a role which is set to occupy top space in organizational hierarchies in due course of time,” said Thakur. Delaporte received about $1.31 million in salary and allowances (about 9.6 crores), $1.54 million in commission and variable pay, and $5.18 million in other components. He received $758,719 in long-term compensation during the period, as per the filing. The survey also stated that, strengthening of economic roots and business sentiments attaining certainty resulted in hike in the salaries of top executives’ to be projected at 8.9 % from 7.9 % in 2021.

What is the Pay by Experience Level for Chief Information Officer (CIO)s?

Average starting Salary for CIO in India is around ₹22.3 Lakhs per year (₹1.9L per month). 15 years of minimum experience is required to be a CIO. What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Oversee management of IT personnel and development teams.

salary of cio in india

In India, women and men enjoy equal benefits in this field. This is because the concept of gender is insignificant in this field. Give your career a boost with Monster’s resume services. Average starting Salary for Chief Information Officer in India is around ₹15.0 Lakhs per year (₹1.3L per month). 12 years of minimum experience is required to be a Chief Information Officer.

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What are some related job titles for a Cio?

Talking about salaries, they earn whooping eight figures, making the deal even more lucrative. But, we are now in the digital era, where you might be talking to a chatbot and this may tweak your thought process a bit now regarding CEOs or CIOs and think about Chief Digital Officers . CEO and MD Neemuchwala, on June 1, 2020, received $305,845 in compensation from April 1, 2020, to June 1, 2020. The former Capgemini executive was titled CEO and Managing Director of Bengaluru-based Wipro on July 6, succeeding Abidali Neemuchwala.

For FY22, he took home Rs 13.2 crore in salary and allowances, Rs 19.3 crore in the form of commissions and variable pay and Rs 31.8 crore for other benefits. Reports said that the remaining part of the pay package came from LTI or deferred benefits. India, in fact, is ahead of global trends in the appointment of chief digital officers , says research firm Gartner. As per its CIO Survey report, in 2016, 20% of Indian organisations are opting for CDO roles whereas the comparable percentage globally is 9%.